This handbook lays out – in an easy to read format -- the positive influences (assets) that loving, caring parent(s) put into lives of children at every stage of life -- pregnancy, the pre-school years, K-12 years, college, and beyond. Each chapter ends with introspective questions.

Insight and recommendations draw upon the collective wisdom from research and the knowledge gained from 57 years of first-hand experiences with thousands of families. His roles include that of K-12 teacher, K-12 principal, superintendent, university lecturer of record, adjunct professor, educational consultant, mentor, and parent. He has been accorded many honors including the highly prestigious National Superintendent of the Year and has spoken throughout America and Canada on the powerful potential of parents: a child’s first, best, and only lifelong teacher.

His perspective is that the achievement gap among groups of students in America is a critical problem, that solutions require all stakeholders to become fully engaged, and that the role of parent(s) on the front lines of child development is a partnership imperative. Wakeful hours in home/neighborhood are 3.17 to 1.0 during K-12 school years. Adding the wakeful hours during the first four years of life in home/neighborhood, the ratio becomes 4.46 to 1.0. At stake is the future of these children and the competitiveness of American in the global marketplace.

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