Dr. Don Draayer

Leadership Roles and Activities:  School Settings

Teacher, Elementary Principal, Supervising Principal, Administrative Intern, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, Adjunct Professor, Participant, Speaker, Writer, Chair, Consultant, Director, Designer, Supervisor, Lecture of Record, School Board Member

56-57    - Student Teacher, Grade 12, University High School; Grade 12, Minneapolis North High School, and Grade 7, University High School

57-60    - Grade 6 Teacher, Coburn Elementary School Battle Creek, Michigan

59-60    - Chairman: Book Selection Committee, Battle Creek, Michigan

59-60    - Chairman: Battle Creek Teacher Constitution Revision Committee

60-61    - Member: Fall Conference Planning Committee

61-62    - Coordinator: Track Meet Sponsor

62-63    - Chair: Student Council Development Committee

61-62    - Principal: Hamura Elementary School, Yokota Air Force Base, Japan

62-63    - Principal: Tachikawa Elementary School Principal, Tachikawa Air Force Base, Japan

63-64   - Supervising Principal: Grades Kindergarten to Eight, Tachikawa Air Force Base, Japan

66-67   - Administrative Intern: Evanston Township High School, Evanston, Illinois

67-71   - Principal, West Leyden Township High School, Northlake, Illinois

68-69   - Adjunct Professor: Graduate School, College of Education, University of Illinois

68-69   - Chairman: Allerton Conference for Administration Graduates from University of Illinois

70-71   - Member: North Central Association Evaluation Team

70-71   - Speaker: Northern Illinois University Business Conference

70-71   - Paid Consultant:  Numerous school districts regarding modular scheduling

70-71   - President: Des Plaines Valley Board of Control

71-73   - Assistant Superintendent: Minnetonka Public Schools, Excelsior, Minnesota

72-73   - Chairman: West Metropolitan Educator Cable TV Committee

72-73   - Member: Governor's Right to Read Commission

72-73   - Program Facilitator: MASCD Fall Conference

72-73   - Chairman: ERDC Long Range Curriculum Planning Committee

72-73   - Chairman: North Central Association Evaluation Committee for Iowa and Missouri

73-95   - Superintendent:  Minnetonka Public Schools, Excelsior, Minnesota

74-75   - Director: Lake Conference Athletic Association

75-76   - Vice Chairman: Executive Board, Lake Conference Athletic Association

75-78   - Member: Executive Committee, Association of Metropolitan School Districts

76-77   - Chairman: Lake Conference Athletic Association

76-77   - Secretary/Treasurer: West Metropolitan Association of School Superintendents

76-80   - Member: Executive Committee--Educational Cooperative Service Unit

77-78   - Secretary: SCHOLIA (Education Society)

77-78   - Vice President: West Metropolitan Association of School Superintendents

77-78   - Member: Ad Hoc State Department Committee on SERC Project

77-79   - Member: MN Association of School Administrators (MASA) Legislation Committee

77-81   - Member: Regional Advisory Council for Special Education

78-79   - President: West Metropolitan Association of School Superintendents

79-80   - President: SCHOLIA (Education Society)

79-80   - Director: Management Concerned for Public Education (MCPE)

79-80   - Member: Constitution Committee, M.A.S.A. (Drafted Revised Constitution)

79-80   - Chairman: MASA Conference Session on Pro/Con Vouchers

79-80   - Speaker: MASA Conference--In-service of School Board Members

80-81   - Member: Regional Advisory Council for Special Education

80-81   - Co-finance Chairman: Dr. Lloyd Nielsen's Nat'l Campaign for AASA 

80-81   - Chairman: District 276 Special Education Advisory Committee

80-81   - Chairman: AASA Conference. Session on Building Confidence in Public Education

80-81   - Member: MASA Constitution Committee

80-81   - Speaker:  MN Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Vouchers

80-81   - Speaker: M.A.S.B.O. Conference-- Strikes in Public Sector    

80-81   - Speaker: Neighborhood Group: Staff Renewal in Time of Pupil Decline

81-82   - Speaker: Minn. Public Relations Association, Process Used in Major Budget Cuts

81-82   - Consultant: Regional Superintendents, Ottumwa, Iowa

81-82   - Speaker: U. of Iowa Graduates: How to Restore Confidence in Public Education 

82-83   - Speaker: 30th Annual School Law, U. of Minn.--Unrequested Teachers' Leave

82-83   - Speaker:” Minnesota Volunteer Association, Ways the Administration Can Encourage and Foster Use of Volunteers   

82-83   - Speaker: East Metro Superintendents, Budget Reduction from another Perspective   

82-83   - Speaker: West Metro Superintendents, Long Range Planning Made Plain

82-83   - Member: Assoc. of Metropolitan School Districts Special Education Committee

82-83   - Member: A.A.S.A. Nat'l Center for the Improvement of Learning Advisory Panel

82-83   - Speaker: Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, School, Community and Taxes

82-83   - Keynote Speaker: A State Response to 'A Nation at Risk', Statewide Conference on Excellence in Education, College of St. Thomas   

82-83   - Member: Executive Committee, Computer Consortium for Forty-eight School Districts

83-86   - Member: Executive Committee, Minnesota Association of School Administrators

83-84   - Member, Minnesota Commissioner of Education Superintendents Advisory Forum

83-84   - Task Force Member, Minnesota Business Partnership Study

83-84   - Secretary, Exec. Committee, Computer Consortium for Forty-eight School Districts

83-84   - Speaker, Planning for Educational Technology - ECSU/TIES/METRO II Workshops

83-84   - Member: Nominating Committee, SCHOLIA

83-84   - Speaker: MSBA Workshop, How to Use National Studies

84-85   - President: Riley Club

84-85   - Chairman: National Center for Improvement of Learning, AASA in (Washington, D.C.

84-85   - Speaker: Religion and Public Education - All Saints Lutheran Church

84-85   - Treasurer: Exec. Committee, Computer Consortium for Forty-eight School Districts

84-85   - Member: Commissioner's Forum, State Department of Education

84-85   - Participant:  Panel Member, Incentives in Public Education Workshop

84-85   - Speaker: AASA National Convention: Staff Development Program

84-85   - Participant: Channel Nine (TV) Community Issues forum: Discipline in Schools

85-89   - Member: Executive Committee, Minn. Assoc. of School Administrators

85-86   - Member: Post Sec. Options Study Committee, Assn. of Metro School Districts

85-86   - Chairman: Superintendent's Advisory Council, Int. School District 287

85-86   - Speaker: Excelsior and Wayzata Rotary Clubs: Great American Dream Machine: Public Education

85-86   - Member: Minnesota Commissioner of Education Forum

85-86   - Speaker: Minnesota Governor's Discussion Group: Incentives vs. Mandates

86-87   - Chairman: Superintendent's Advisory Council, District 287

86-87   - Member: Tax Study Committee, Association of Metropolitan School Districts

86-88   - Member: Bush 2000 Task Force

87-88   - President-elect: Suburban School Superintendents USA

87-88   - Speaker: Open Enrollment, SCHOLIA

87-88   - Panel Member: Focus on Learning, Minnesota Business Partnership Workshop

87-88   - Speaker: Thinking Big or Thinking Small, Minnetonka Community Services

87-88   - Speaker: What Does Superintendent Want in a Budget?  MN School Business Officials

88-89   - President: Suburban School Superintendents, U.S.A.

89-90   - Seminar Leader: Open Enrollment, Superintendents' Seminar, New York City

89-90   - Participant: AASA Travel/Study to China -- three weeks tour of schools and universities

89-90   - Speaker: State Superintendent of the Year Reception: Climbing Mountains

89-90   - Speaker: National Press Club Press Conference:  The Fourth 'R'

89-90   - Speaker: National Superintendent of the Year Award, AASA, Making Hope Happen.

89-90   - Speaker: Minn. Assoc. of School Administrators Breakfast: "Everyone Counts"

89-90   - Speaker: Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport Reception: Celebrating Children

89-90   - Speaker: Eleven Faculty Meetings: The Teacher Is the Key

89-90   - Speaker: 110 Elementary Classrooms: Learning is Important to Me

89-90   - Speaker: Keynoter at MASA Spring Meeting: Rising to 1990 Challenges

89-90   - Speaker: Southwest Ministerial Association: Teach to Head and to Heart

89-90   - Speaker: Clear Springs Elementary PTO:  Parents Are Teachers, Too

89-90   - Speaker: Twin West Chamber: No Limits on Lifelong Learning

89-90   - Speaker: Albert Lea High School Awards Ceremony:  "Putting It All Together"

89-90   - Discussant: Visit with President Bush at the Oval Office, "Priorities for Public Education"

89-90   - Discussant: Secretary of Education Cavazos, DC, "What Really Makes a Difference?"

89-90   - Speaker: Excelsior Methodist Men's Club:  "Drawing Water from the Wells of Life"

89-90   - Participant: Panel Penn State University Cable Production, "What Parents Can Do"

90-91   - Speaker: Education Commission of the States, Seattle, Washington: "What Education Proposals Contain Gold

90-91   - Speaker: South Dakota Superintendents Association, Pierre, South Dakota: Backbone of Educational Leadership

90-91   - Speaker:  Bush Fellows Seminar, Brainerd, Minnesota:  Role of Values in Administration

90-91   - Speaker: West Metro League of Women Voters, Citizen Jury (for Governor), Basis for Minnesota Education over Next Four Years

90-91   - Speaker: Keynote District 916 Opening Workshop, The Teacher Is Key

90-91   - Speaker: Twin West Chamber: Cross Currents in American Education

92-95   - Chair:  Classic Lake Athletic Conference Superintendents

95-09   - Educational Consultant: President, Experience PLUS, Inc.

95-96   - Senior Fellow: College of Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota

96-97   - Designer: Course Syllabus, Superintendent Leaders for 21st Century

96-00   - Lecturer of Record: Taught class, Superintendent Leaders for 21st Century

97-98   - Designer: Work Experience Modules for 21 Administrative Competencies

98-00   - Supervisor: Administrative Intern

05-08   - Honorary Chair: Endowment Fund Drive, Minnetonka School Foundation

06-10   - Appointed School Board Member: Intermediate District 287

07-08   - Speaker: Intermediate District 287 School Opening Workshop

08-09   - Speaker: MASA Keynote, Not Mope, but Cope, Hope, and Lead

08-09   - Speaker: Intermediate District 287 Administrative Staff In-service

08-09   - Vice Chair: School Board, Intermediate District 287